Our furry friends

A whole family of these little squirrels helped us eat our chips as we sat by the pool in the hotel gardens.

This one even had a go at reading my book.

The other evening we watched a very colourful performance of the legong dance at the hotel. I managed to arrange that we were seated right next to the stage at the front. But we'd just had our first course and were enjoying a lovely bottle of rosé wine when it started to rain. Which meant a rapid change of plan as the whole venue had to be moved to a room inside the hotel. This was the original setting.

However, although we weren't at the front when the performance started, we still really enjoyed the show. I'll post a few of the pictures we took of the dancers.

And one of the musicians in the orchestra.

A last swim by the pool at the Nusa Dua Beach hotel before we head off for the second half of our holiday - Singapore.

It's Monday now and we've spent our first day here at the Singapore Zoo. (Actually the first thing we did this morning was to go to my tailor and get measured for 4 pairs of trousers.) Every time I visit and tell them I need the trousers all made within four days they give that sucking of the teeth sound and tell me I haven't given them enough time. (But they always deliver them one day early. And as I tell them my plane leaves one day earlier than it really does I invariably get them in time.) Today was sunny but with a gentle cooling breeze. So a perfect day to walk around the zoo as there are many opportunities to sit down, or even to have rides on the 'hop on - hop off tram. Both my young friend and I like zoos and enjoy taking photographs of the animals. And as we have different perspectives on the way we compose our pictures, the end result is usually a balanced set of photographs. Here's a small selection of those we took today.

The last picture is of a Komodo Dragon, by the way. We looked for one in Bali but to no avail.
There was a big article in the Straits Times (Singapore's leading English language newspaper) today about the Singapore Airlines emergency. They are offering psychiatric counselling to all the 460 passengers and 27 crew. It seems a large number of people will be taking up the offer, but we won't, as, apart from the first few days when we both suffered from recurring bouts of flash backs, we seem to be OK now.