Looks Like the Ups are Winning Through

This is the first and second page of a card I just received from sister-in-law Val (I also had an identical one from Felicity).

My young friend has been here all day in person - in fact she's typing this blog for me.  Apparently the operation went very well.  It took 8 hours but they removed the tumour together with a large slice of lung.  The pain is pretty bad but that will soon subside no doubt.  In fact with a bit of luck I hope to go home in the next few days.  Here in my hosptial bed I'm looking out to blue skies under the flight path from Heathrow airport and have probably been seen by nurses and doctors of almost every nationality on the planet since Monday evening.  The Royal Brompton Hospital is well known for its expertise in lung and heart surgery so I'm in the right place.  My most sincere thanks to Mr George Ladas the surgeon who performed the operation on Tuesday.
Anyway this is just to let people who read this blog know that I'm ok and will be back blogging properly again soon.  This is the patient as of 1 hour ago: