Back to Work

I’ve been back home for just over a week and finally got rid of jet-lag. It’s always worse coming from America as I find it’s very easy to oversleep, whereas from Asia I may feel a bit sleepy in the evenings but rise with the lark in the mornings. On our last day in Las Vegas we hobnobbed with the famous at the marvellous Venetian Hotel. Pity they were only waxworks at the Madame Tussauds exhibition there. (so that’s where Elvis got to!).

I’ll leave the USA with this lovely, lazy view inside the hotel, and a picture of a lady in white. (She’s real – not made of wax).

Now it’s back to normal. We went to see the film ‘Lincoln’ on Tuesday evening. Terrific acting and a host of characters, but I was a bit sleepy and my young friend spent most of the first half digging me in the ribs to wake me up. We went to dinner at Strada before the film with Brian and Jane. Jane does make me laugh – when she booked the table she asked the restaurant to lower the lights to make the ambiance more subdued. And they did! 
Friday was sculpture day. I’ve almost finished my great nephew Max’s head. This is probably the last of the clay – next week it’s wax, bronze, and heavy mixing.

Max’s young sister, Kate - my six-year-old great niece... giving a five minute Power Point presentation – yes a Power Point presentation, at her school next week. The subject of her talk is ‘Great Uncle Bill’! I’m very flattered. And also impressed.(I didn’t give my first PP presentation till I was over 60). To give one at 6 years old amazes me.
I spent most of the week finishing off this small watercolour portrait. It’s about ten inches wide. I was asked by the client to make staged images of it as I went along as he wanted to see my way of working.
Here it is.

Next week I’ll be having a meeting with the Curator of the River and Rowing Museum to start the preparations for my exhibition, which will open there on Saturday 16th November this year. So much to do. I intend to make a scale model of the venue and position little images of the paintings in their frames where I plan them to be hanging. Quite exciting. I enjoy planning things.