Happy Christmas!

Although I’ve been painting about 8 or 9 hours a day on my big Spitfire and have finished the aircraft itself I hadn’t quite appreciated what a marathon the rest of the painting would be. It’s a large picture – over 28 inches wide – and to paint all of Henley from the air is daunting. To make the Spitfire stand out from the background I think I’ll have to give it a light spray of white and mask the aircraft. That is if I can get my Aerograph working properly. (I tried ringing the people I bought it from but it seems they are no longer in business!).

Felicity and I had a nice meal in the Chef Peking on Wednesday prior to going to see ‘Hugo’ in 3D at our local cinema. We weren’t expecting much but I found the film absolutely fascinating. Although, because of the minimal sight in my left eye, I can’t really appreciate the 3D effect I would thoroughly recommend this film. So inventive and colourful – and if, like me, you appreciate images shown around the birth of the cinema you’ll like it even more.
Then the following evening my young friend and I went to the Regal to see The Sleeping Beauty ballet beamed live from the Royal Opera House in London.

Our cinema shows this sort of event from time to time. One of the advantages of seeing Opera or Ballet in this way is that you get to see the orchestra from behind and close-ups of the dancers and performers. A couple of minutes ago I made a booking for next March to see Romeo and Juliet – it must be popular as I only managed to get the last three seats!

This week has been party week. On Saturday evening I went to one in Henley. We had a professional quiz Mistress (if that’s the right word for a lady Quizmaster) and I learned a lot. For example what is the most populous bird in the world? Answer – no, not sparrows. The answer is chickens.
On Sunday Joan and Hamish Hale invited me to a small riverside drinks do. They live on the other side of the river. Here’s a view from their window

My Christmas tree is now decorated and all my presents are wrapped and ready to be delivered. I’ve just been working out a schedule of all the friends I’ll be seeing tomorrow and Christmas day before I go to Marlow to spend Christmas with my niece Louisa and her family. Kate, her youngest, still believes in Father Christmas so that will be good.
It just remains for me to wish all my ‘readers’ a very Happy Christmas and for those I didn’t send my Christmas card to - here it is.