To eat or not to eat

My friend ‘Bluebells’ gave me a beautiful box of chocolates at Christmas. She was visiting from San Francisco. It’s too nice to open, don’t you think? ‘Pootle’ – my enigmatic blog buddy wanted to see what it looked like – hence the picture. However when I get back from the USA perhaps I’ll give a little dinner party and open it then.

Apart from visits to the dentist, optician and barber, my life has been a bit mundane since the New Year. Pat and Averil – my old friends from schooldays hundreds of years ago - came over on Wednesday. We had lunch in the Catherine Wheel in Henley, and in the afternoon Pat ironed about 25 of my shirts. What a gem she is! While she slaved away I gave them a slide show on the big new TV of photographs taken in Bangkok and Singapore last year.

Even though it’s only January I’ve started painting my next Christmas card. It will be called ‘The Snow Queen’ and I was hoping that beautiful Anna was coming over on Thursday evening to pose for it, but she’s had to postpone her visit for a couple of weeks.

I’m not keen on this cold snap we are having right now. Early this coming Sunday morning I should have been travelling down to Gatwick, but chickened out for a variety of reasons. So have decided to travel down there tomorrow evening and stay at a hotel near the airport. Now I won’t have to worry about a lorry skidding on the ice, overturning and blocking the M25 motorway.

I’m fed up with my own cooking so am looking forward very much to dinner this evening at Phyllis Court with Jane and Brian (if he’s recovered from a virus) and Jules, who’s just returned from China and New Zealand.