The Ancient City

Many years ago a man had a dream. He was very rich. He was a Thai man, and had made many millions. His dream led him to buy a large piece of land in the shape of the contours of Thailand, upon which he decided to promote Thai art, customs and culture by erecting as many Temples and Pavilions, either one third or life-size, on the site. It’s called ‘The Ancient City’ and lies about 30 kilometres east of Bangkok and is devoted to the Thai people, surely earning the benefactor much ‘merit’.
So this afternoon I decided to brave the Sunday traffic and pay it a visit. Siam in all its ancient glory is depicted there. Apart from the temples, large wooden carvings are to be found throughout the landscape, and I watched as a number of young men continued the tradition by fashioning more artefacts out of sweet smelling teakwood. I’ll post a few of my photographs with this blog and when I learn how to add captions I’ll do that too.

I have a new ‘follower’. But strangely the accompanying wording is all in Japanese, for some reason. However I do know who she is, as I remember the bluebell woods very well.