Many years ago, while on a leave from Singapore, Bob, Val and the family joined me when we spent a week or so at Watendlath in the Lake District. So last weekend my young friend and I retraced my steps and found our way there along a very narrow and winding road. Some things have changed - mostly me. Here I was in 1975.

And now. Over forty years later.

The farmouse where we stayed is just as I remembered it, but no longer open for guests. However the little bridge is still there, as is the wonderful ambiance by a tranquil tarn.

We stayed for a rustic tea in one of the old buildings there and then wandered around the stream and climbed a bit over the rocks. (Well, I didn't do too much climbing).

We did a lot more climbing all those years ago - before osteo arthritis took over.

On the way back from Watendlath we stopped at Surprise View. Great ice sheets carved out this impressive landscape with its uninterrupted view across Derwent Water.

Brother Bob stood at this very place too when we were all on holiday together.

One of the most photographed sights in the Lake District is Ashness bridge - an old packhorse bridge. I couldn't quite scramble over the rocks to take this picture so myf gets a credit for this stunning photograph. (Which I'm afraid this 'blogo' app won't let me post any more pictures) so, even though myf thought we had the problem sorted, I'll now need to find another way to write my blogs.