Happy Days

We went to my oncology surgeon on Monday afternoon to find out the results of my latest scan. So it was with tremendous relief that with a beaming smile he announced that I was completely clear of cancer. In fact he called me 'a miracle man' because having survived three major operations (one bowel and two lung) all traces of the tumours had disappeared. And I must admit I do feel good. I'm busily painting oil portraits at the moment, the weather has been brilliant over the past couple of weeks, and we've spent many happy hours on the boat. Here it is - ready for Henley Regatta.

My young friend and I spent the Friday of the Regatta at Phyllis Court together with Brian, Jane, Em, and cousins Paul and Jill. Before lunch we found a nice table on the lawn, where we sipped Pimms and from time to time were entertained by the jazz band.

Lunch was great in the dining room and afterwards we strolled down to the waters edge where I'd booked directors chairs right at the front.

Some of the sights as we relaxed there.

It's the turn of the Henley Music Festival to take advantage of the tents, booms and facilities of the regatta the following week. So last Friday evening we picked Jane and Brian up from their riverside house to cruise downstream past that evening's musical event. There were hundreds of boats of every description on the water and it took a lot of manoevering to get through. But eventually, and after going round twice, we found an empty boom where myf gallantly leant right over the boat to attach the ropes. Later in the evening and after a lovely picnic prepared by myf we started on the way back. Being dark by then I hadn't realised how bad my eyes were in the dark, which made it difficult for me to properly see the various hazards such as small boats, bridges etc. So myf took over the helm and successfully moored back at Brian and Jane's and finally at my own mooring. As I hadn't driven a boat in the dark for a number of years it was quite a sobering situation to find out how difficult it had become to navigate the river in the dark.

We are so enjoying the boat now and went on the river three days running over the weekend during the Festival. The Royal Barge 'Gloriana' is currently moored by Leander Club so it was nice to see that lovely boat as we passed by.

And these pith helmeted gentlemen were earnestly paddling their way upstream.

My young friend's garden is thriving and her jungle area looking good with its waving banana leaves, cannas and dahlias.

To end this blog today here I am on my garden balcony all togged up and ready for the day out.