A Garden Glow

Last weekend we visited the RHS Gardens at Wisley where a magical scene came alive at dusk.

Enormous illuminated floral displays were everywhere throughout the gardens. As we wandered around, large groups of gigantic flowers slowly revealed themselves in a variety of colours. 

And in the glasshouse the Christmas scene continued. Here is a 30 ft tree made with poinsettias.

Cactus and Christmas balls.

And back outside we came across a Chinese pagoda twinkling in the fading light.

On Sunday my young friend and I drove to London to see my very old friend Katie. Sadly she's not well these days but is being well looked after by a team of wonderful nurses. Katie's sister, Margherita, had arrived from Geneva with Gianni, so we spent a nice time with them.

Totty, Katie's Italian greyhound, kept Katie company on her bed while Gianni and I chatted.

During the past few weeks I've not been idle and have painted three or four miniatures and various other pictures, but haven't been able to show them because either they were Christmas presents or were not yet delivered to the clients. Here, however, are two miniatures I painted for my cousin Paul Carter of two of his grandchildren, Georgia and Derry.

I spent a lovely Christmas Day with my niece Louisa and her family in Marlow. Picked up Val first and loaded the car with presents, booze, Christmas crackers and all sorts of other goodies. Here are a couple of pictures of my great niece Kate with her new 'Hollywood' style signs for her bedroom. 

I made a painting of Kate for her mother's Christmas present. About 10" by  12". This is it

Finally to end this blog and the year on a happy note - I had a consultation with my oncologist last Monday and he gave me the good news that the cancer has gone away. So here's a happy face in the clouds.