Home once more

It's nice to be convalescing at home in such glorious weather, and gives me a chance to take a daily walk by the river and to see all the many birds frolicking in the sunshine.

My stay in the Royal Brompton Hospital lasted for 8 days - three of which were spent in the High Dependency Unit. Quite a hectic four-bedded room, presided over by a whirlwind African lady called Peggy. Whilst there my young friend came over accompanied by Debbie McGee, who'd very kindly invited her to dinner at her house first. Jane, Brian and Felicity also came to visit - much appreciated. Finally, however, I was deemed well enough to be moved back to my own room. Here's a couple of views from the window.

My day started at about five (apart from the regular visits throughout the night to take temperature, blood-pressure, etc). From then on a whole team of really friendly and competent experts in every field you can imagine looked after me. It was pills, pills, and more pills, with injections and tubes of every size dangling out of my body. Physiotherapy played a big part in my recovery and soon I was walking round the ward and going up and down a few flights of stairs after a while. Say what you like about hospital food, I've got nothing but praise for the standard of cooking at the Royal Brompton. On Saturday my sister-in-law Val, and niece Louisa came to see me bringing gifts and cards.
Sunday morning dawned and I found Debbie's BBC Radio Berkshire's programme
on Tune-in Radio, and as the gardening expert was featuring that day I decided to ring him up on air. I wanted to ask him about setting up a brand new garden from scratch. (this because my young friend will soon be moving into her new house and he'll be able to give her good advice). Which he did. Apparently I was the first person ever to ring the programme from a hospital bed!
Finally on Tuesday, Mr Ladas, my surgeon, allowed me to return home. So it was goodbye to London until a review of progress in about three weeks time.
Pain is a dominant feature of my life at the moment, so together with a plethora of pills plus extra pain killers I hope recovery is swift. Luckily, as I said, the weather is perfect so with the wonderful support of my young friend especially, and many others, I'm getting about a bit. Can't paint yet as I'm too weak and tired, but hope to next week, with a bit of luck.
So to end up today here are a few photographs I took by the river this afternoon, starting with a view towards my flat which you can see tucked in between the trees in the background.

And here's Nigel, the lock-keeper who was passing by as we were resting on one of the wooden riverside benches.