From Rustic to Lavish

Everything in Las Vegas is big. The buildings, the illuminations, the casinos, the food - and the prices! We did have a little gamble yesterday. Won a little bit - then lost a little bit more. Yesterday, to avoid the crowds - and the casinos (more difficult) we thought we'd make a trip out of the city to The Clark County Heritage Museum. The taxi driver had never heard of it - it was over 7 miles from Las Vegas - but we found it. Comprised of a tiny rustic museum and a number of authentic old buildings, we spent a very pleasant hour or so wandering around in the bright, but cold, sunshine.

This is a little wedding chapel. We were allowed to go in every house, which was interesting because they all contained the original furniture and articles of the period. Passing by this pretty-well patched up old steam train
We carried on to a ghost town nearby where the remnants of some of the buildings were scattered - including this Native American dwelling.
And various interesting old buildings.

Really good to get away from the hustle and bustle of the casinos. However later in the afternoon we strolled along the strip towards the Bellagio.

This is the Bellagio Hotel. Very lavish - with a massive casino to walk through - but happily they have found a way to eliminate the cigarette odour that permeates all the others. We found a very elegant dining room where we had a nice dinner before going into the lush, lavish, and fantastic theatre to see 'O' Cirque du Soleil.
It was probably the most magnificent show we'd ever seen. The gigantic stage was filled with water and dependant on the act the depth varied. Sometimes only a few feet deep when ballet and underwater dancing was performed, and other times it must have reached a depth of over 10 feet to allow for the amazing high dives into it. The choreography blew my mind away and the costumes were incredibly artistic. Impossible to describe. It has to be seen to be believed. Our seats were especially comfortable - only about ten rows from the front - and the theatre easily the largest I'd been to anywhere in the world.

We walked back to our hotel past my Gamblin' Hall and Saloon, and more from Las Vegas strip.

And so to bed in the city that doesn't seem to sleep.