Thursday, 1 April 2010

A Golden Day

I handed-in two paintings at the Royal Academy on Monday for (hopeful) inclusion in the Summer Exhibition. Each year the queue seems to get longer – this year it stretched almost to Burlington Arcade. One strange looking man had made himself comfortable in a telephone box at the back entrance to the RA declaring that he’d brought his paintings on the wrong day and was intending to sleep the night there. I’m not sure he was telling the truth as he’d even brought a makeshift bed. When we finally emerged from the bowels of the Academy and had lunch in Piccadilly my young friend and I decided to walk across Green Park and visit the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace.

The Mews is not a museum. It’s a working establishment and there you can, from time to time, see some of the thirty-four horses and staff in training. After looking at some of the horses in their immaculate stables we wandered through to the large open quadrangle surrounded by a large number of Landaus, State Coaches and Royal cars.

Then on to the wonderful Gold State Coach. Built in 1762 and commissioned by King George III, it weighs about 4 tons and needs 8 horses to draw it. It’s absolutely magnificent and is displayed with full-size models of four horses and two Postillian riders – all wonderfully lifelike.

I’d better start cleaning and re-commissioning my boats in readiness for the spring – but not until the river slows down a bit. Maybe next week.

The latest miniature for my New York client was completed yesterday, but to give you a glimpse of one of the two paintings I submitted to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition here is my miniature of Joceline.


Pootle said...

Bit of a racy blog this week Bill! Fab video though, and a lovely miniature. Fingers crossed that they accept it at the Academy, they'd be crazy not to!!

RG9 said...

Blast, I can't enlarge the miniature! But it's delightful, and so is the lady.

I didn't send my boat to Henwood and Dean's yard this year after someone lent me a barn.

I've had enormous pleasure working on it over the winter, though today someone tried to steal my son's Land Rover parked in the adjoining bay as I was actually working at the back of it!

I'm repainting the dark red hull in dark Britannia blue with pale blue anti-fouling up to the waterline and a pale cream arrow coach line [though it probably has a more nautical term] for which a very steady hand will be required. Are you free?!

I'm using foam pads to apply the layers of paint which seem to deliver a splendid finish with no brush strokes apparent at all - a far, far cry from the tiny points of your ultrafine sable brushes.

Paul Carter said...

Good luck with the Academy

I am lucky enough to be an owner of one of your previous entries. The subject is an old fishing bag with the characteristic Mundy miniature of an Isaac Walton book.

Always impressed by this fantastic artist and a great friend

Keep up the good work Bill and see you soon.

A Magic Life said...

Bill, you are one of the best bloggers on the internet. Great work.
Paul D.