Saturday, 16 January 2010

Getting My Head Down

Because of the snow and difficulty about getting around on the unsalted roads (why is England so far behind the rest of Europe in this respect?) I’ve spent most of my time painting for about 9 hours every day. Quite productive in that I’ve finished the large painting of a couple of friends, made a smallish sepia painting of Paul Daniels and am half-way through my third miniature painted in the last three weeks. It’s been good to gaze out of my window to a snow-clad river and countryside and to feel as snug as a bug in a rug while happily painting away. I’ve not done much else. How boring I hear you say. I did go to Reading yesterday to take a few paintings to be framed.

Here are a few of my latest efforts:

Macho Man Paul - a Sepia Painting

Miniature of Max - my Great Nephew

Still on a snowy note, my niece Louisa sent me this charming picture of Kate, her daughter, my great niece.

Finally, I had to laugh the other day when I read about Simon Williams (he’s the famous actor I painted last year). Simon lives locally - he’s an old Harrovian and is probably best remembered for his part as James Bellamy in the TV series ‘Upstairs, Downstairs.’ He was also starring as the evil murderer who died a horrific death in a gripping TV play last week. Apart from his acting skills, Simon is a talented playwright and novelist. In fact I’m going to his latest musical at the Mill at Sonning next week. Apparently the title (when it was performed in the Jermyn Street Theatre in London three years ago) was considered too risqué for us genteel rural folks here in Oxfordshire. Then it was called ‘Curtains Up! Lights Up! Cock Up!’ Now it has been changed to ‘It’s Never All Right On The Night!’ As his wife Lucy Fleming remarked “It was just thought to be a better name for this location…”


Pootle said...

You've spent your enforced isolation very well, producing all those lovely paintings! I especially love the one of Paul Daniels and all the detail in his face.

Joy said...

OMGosh Bill first I have to say your great niece Katie is just adorable :) As for your latest works, simply AMAZING as always! Loved the visual of you all snug in a warm cozy home painting away too :) As always, wishing you well and enjoying your blog updates :)

黑色皮包 said...


Bluebells in the spring said...

Hi Bill, someone thought you actually read Chinese???

Author is "Black Bag," the quote is "Value the things you have, be sincere with regards to matters and be appreciative of others" - I think that is the gist of the saying in case you are curious.

Bill's Blog said...

Hi Bluebells, what saying are you referring to? As a matter of fact I started to learn Mandarin while in Singapore in the sixties. Got to write 400 characters, then had to leave to live in Hong Kong. I've always regretted I didn't keep it up, but was busily learning Thai during my 7 years in Thailand.

Bluebells in the spring said...

I see a comment in Chinese after Joy's comment and before my previous comment.

I am in Singapore using my sis' computer which may have language software that allows Chinese characters to be displayed - it may appear jibberish if your computer is like my computer stateside - without the software to display Chinese characters. There are 4 characters to the author's name and the comment comprises 3 sets of 5 characters each, separated by commas. That's the saying I was refering to.

Today is the last day of my second law conference this week - looking forward to heading home on Sunday.

Have a great week - love your work.