Snow Scene

I went to Reading this morning for a final visit to the surgeon who did my operation. All seems fine, and he was very pleased with my progress. He did, however, insert a camera ‘where the sun don’t shine’ for an internal examination. Not something I’d recommend to friends!

I’ve just completed the snow scene for my 2009 Christmas card. The printed card is vignetted in a rounded rectangle shape. For anyone interested this is a watercolour, and to retain the sparkle I haven’t used white paint at all. The white you see on the painting is the paper itself. I find the use of gouache, or body colour white, tends to dull a watercolour painting too much.

Watercolour painting "Snow and Sunshine"

In my advertising days I designed many airline and hotel logos, and produced hundreds of graphic design elements for our clients. So when Louisa, my niece, decided recently to start her own advertising and marketing company, I asked whether I could be of any use on the design front. Apparently unless I understand Quark, and other advanced computer programmes I’d in no way be able to produce designs for this modern age!

I had a silly thought the other day when I was reading an article about the lack of space in graveyards. Why not be buried vertically! I realise the words ‘laid to rest’ are supposed to mean laying down horizontally, but when we are in our coffins we are probably not too worried about which way up we are. These silly thoughts flit through my butterfly mind from time to time!

Had a quick trip around the River and Rowing Museum again this week. Apart from it being the best museum devoted to rowing and the river in England, it also has a very well-stocked shop where they sell a great variety of high quality river-related items. The Henley Section – entered by passing by a full-size replica carving of the face of Thamesis – is easily my favourite part of the museum.

One of the most interesting features is an animated sound and visual large map of Henley though the ages. From the 14th Century to the present day the highly informative display graphically shows how Henley has progressed.

I fail to understand the stupidity of some of our courts. Listen to this – it happened last week. An illegal immigrant was due to be deported to his own country – Bolivia. However when he and his girlfriend pleaded that they would miss their cat too much, the judge – unbelievably – said that to send him back home would - wait for it – “breach his right to a private and family life”. So here he stays – living on benefits, no doubt. Where will all this human rights nonsense end? This same court refused to deport fifty foreign criminals, which included sex offenders and killers. Why? Because it might “infringe their human rights!”
Another minor, but ludicrously stupid, offence was reported the other day. A woman bought a greeting card in a supermarket. When she reached the till the card made a ‘bleep’. “It’s OK you are allowed to buy the card as you are obviously over 25” said the assistant. What was the reason for the bleep? The card had a picture of a wine glass, corkscrew and bottles of wine on the front. ‘Health ‘n Safety’ rules, it seems, prohibit cards of this description to be sold to under 25’s. I despair!

Here I am on my little boat – Marsh Midget – having a last little tootle around on the river the other day – where sanity reigns supreme.

Musn’t forget to put the clocks back tonight. Or is it forward?